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Death Trick:Double Blind

“A magic trick in the form of a story.”


Game Overview

The star magician of the circus went missing: rumors are flying, trouble is brewing, but the show must go on. In this non-linear detective game, gather clues, question suspects and point out contradictions to unravel the mystery from two alternating perspectives.

Immerse yourself in a detective story with twists and turns that will shock and delight fans of the genre, and get to know a colorful cast of characters each with their own stories… and their own secrets.


  • Two Perspectives

    Alternate between two characters with different access to information, and put the pieces together to form the bigger picture.

  • Turns & Action 

    With limited chances of action, strategize carefully about which clues to pursue and which locations to investigate.

  • Unique "Collection" Mechanic

    Gather, present and search for contradictions with each and every piece of information in your "Collection".

Step into the world of a mid-twentieth century American traveling circus with the lush, vintage-inspired art style, and an atmospheric original soundtrack that reckons back to familiar sounds of that time period. 

Death Trick: Double Blind is developed by Mari (producer/writer/programmer) and Jenny (art/animation/UI),
two highschool best friends who dreamed about doing this together when we grow up but never actually thought it would happen. ︎

We are assisted by SaNeOr for additional programming help, and Mooncake Audio for all things music/SFX.